Future jack-o’-lanterns and the UWTB

We thought it might still be too cold for pumpkins seeded directly into the ground outside to germinate, but Angela went for it anyway. What is gardening if not the working out of faith in soil? Hope cast in manure? Or to quote Lyle Lovett, “what would you be if you didn’t even try? You have to try…”

You get the idea.

pumpkin seed

Anybody seen my glasses?

A timely stretch of warm weather brought up seven seedlings from eight seeds. This little feller answered the call so enthusiastically that he forgot to doff his jacket, pushed it right up out of the ground with him. The cotyledons are pinched together at the top by the seed coat.

No worries. Seedlings are packed with what Kurt Vonnegut called “the Universal Will to Become”. My pea shoots had to bust through a silty crust that formed on the top of the soil because I didn’t put enough compost in it. This little Houdini will be free of his shell in no time.


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