My answers – (excerpts, embellished)

Visual History
Current occupation: Technical writer/Starer at computer screen
Do you use a computer? Yes
How many hours per day? 8
Distance from monitor: 18″ …and closing

Spectacle Lens History
Do you currently wear glasses? Yes
Since: 1995 – Present (also age 2 – 18)
Have you had trouble in the past with glasses? Yes
Explain: I was 2. I had glasses. Do I really need to explain?

Social History
Do you drink alcohol? No
Do you smoke? No
What DO you do?*
Do you engage in regular exercise? No, and I’m starting to feel like a dull boy with these questions, can we talk about something else?
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, jigsaw & crossword puzzles, Playmobil assembly, watch repair, model railroading, fingernail hygiene — all the stuff I’m having trouble doing lately because I can’t see.

Current Eye History (sic)**
Blurred Distance Vision: No
Blurred Near Vision: Yes
Tired Eyes: Yes
Sandy or Gritty Feeling: No [aside: !]
Headaches: Yes, migraines all my life, but not necessarily eye stuff.
Discharge: No. Gross. No way.
Floaters or Spots: Yes (Depending on what these are, I think I have a floater)

* This question was not really on the form.
**I kid you not. “Current Eye History”


4 Responses to “My answers – (excerpts, embellished)”

  1. 1 Mom January 10, 2012 at 20:27

    What was THAT???


  2. 3 marni January 11, 2012 at 19:59

    1. I think this is very funny…
    2. I hope you don’t have a floater. Stepmom had one- it wasn’t a fun process either time they “fixed” it.
    3. I just love Current Eye History!

    • 4 Matt January 12, 2012 at 08:48

      Thanks Marni. It turns out a floater is what I thought it is, and I’ve had one since I can remember. I’ve always called it “the dragon in my eye” but it is actually shaped like a fossilized fish. I think I might do a blog post on it.

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