Great Seattle Gargoyle Hunt #11

We’ve seen wingéd lions before and we’ll see them again. For the eleventh installment of the Great Seattle Gargoyle Hunt we set out in search of this lion. It is one of two lions over a doorway. For rules of play see the first entry, here. (And by the way, GSGH #10 is still active since no one has hazarded an answer for it).

If you know or can find out where this lion is, use the comments to tell us its location.

Gargoyle #11

4 Responses to “Great Seattle Gargoyle Hunt #11”

  1. 1 P. Lana February 24, 2012 at 20:06

    Olympic Hotel!


    • 2 Matt February 24, 2012 at 21:10

      Yeah indeed (Ding!)!
      The pair of lions over the west doorway of the Olympic Hotel are unlike any others I’ve seen. They serve as the bases of two flagpoles. You’ve already had your winner limerick, but I’ll post an official announcement of your win plus more info and photos of the hotel when I get a minute. Nice work, P.

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The Great Seattle Gargoyle Hunt

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