Best. Summer. Ever. – Episode 1: The Ocean

One of the reasons I have posted so infrequently this year is that my little nuclear unit have been busy adventuring and having fun every weekend for as long as I can remember. Millie’s developmental leap out of diapers and her ability to travel further by car without getting crabby (I actually have trouble with this myself) — along with our dedication to living life NOW in light of unsolicited reminders from the universe in the past two years that life is shockingly short and precious — resulted in a spring, summer and fall in which we seemed to spend every free moment doing something fun, new, or family-centric or all three.

It’s too much for the full Just Wondering narrative treatment, but it all strikes me as worth recapping, and because I know that even as a recap it will be a monster by the time I’m done with it, we’re going to take it one adventure at a time and it will take as long as it takes. So here’s the first installment:

Long Beach

We used to go to Oregon to visit the Pacific Coast, but it proved to be too long a drive with infants, so we started looking at beaches closer to home and found that Washington beaches have their charm, even if it’s not particularly sophisticated charm (like other rural areas Long Beach is a bit depressed, and the city of Long Beach has had a lot of high profile methamphetamine and other drug arrests in recent years, though we didn’t see any overt signs of that), and folks was mighty friendly. We’ve now been to Long Beach a number of times. This was a spur of the moment trip that Angela cooked up in March. No one is better than she at short-notice logistics. I had just started a new job and was not yet eligible for vacation, so my boss and I feigned my illness. We stayed in a cute rustic motel just a short walk from the beach. Mara rode a horse — Cisco — without being led by a biped for the very first time, and I put my foot in the stirrup for the first time since I left the ranch in Ohio 22 years ago. 

Our year of adventures started in mid-March at Long Beach, Washington.

Our year of adventures started in mid-March at Long Beach, Washington.

Pedaling around the old neighborhood.

Pedaling around the old neighborhood.

We didn't hurry in this surrey...and it had no fringe on the top.

We didn’t hurry in this surrey…and it had no fringe on the top.

The Magnificent Four. I'm on Brassy, Mara Cisco, and Angela and Millie Doogan (sp?).

The Magnificent Four. I’m on Brassy, Mara’s on Cisco, and Angela and Millie are on Doogan (sp?).


8 Responses to “Best. Summer. Ever. – Episode 1: The Ocean”

  1. 1 angela October 23, 2014 at 11:01

    Can’t wait until spring so we can do it all over again!!!

  2. 3 Spencer October 23, 2014 at 23:48

    That looks like so much fun! Did the horses go in the water at all?

    • 4 Matt October 24, 2014 at 06:21

      Some of them splashed at the edge of the surf a little. It was fun. They were a little sour and hard-mouthed, but good for kids and newbies, and that’s what you expect in public-hire ponies anyway. I wanted to do a little floating, go back and forth along our trail of 15 or so riders, to check on Mara since we got spread out several times, but Brassy just wanted to KEEP GOING FORWARD and I practically had to sit on her to turn her around…oh wait, I WAS sitting on her.

  3. 5 Lisa Greenberg October 31, 2014 at 20:09

    This man can write!! Write man, write.

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