Best. Summer. Ever. – Episode 4: Potting

And then there is the weekend every spring when we buy an assortment of annuals and plant them in the flower box on the deck and in pots out along the front walk. A few years ago, at Angela’s request, I built a flower box and affixed it to our little deck and stuffed it full of deep pink geraniums and some trailing blue things, perhaps lobelia, and some trailing white things, which were I don’t remember what. Angela’s delight quotient went through the roof. She would sit at the kitchen table on the dreariest late spring and early summer days — we get a lot of cloudy days in May and June — and revel in the splash of color that leapt out of the box while drinking her tea (eventually Angela decided that yellow trailing things were better in the mix than white, so the lobelia and geraniums are now partnered with a saffrony yellow number whose identity — uncharacteristically — I cannot name). Now every year on Mothers Day the girls and I get flowers and plant them in the box for Angela, and while we’re at it we get a few annuals for ourselves and plant them in the pots out front (Millie went for purple and white verbenas and a stunning yellow sanvitalia; Mara opted for a purple and orange pansy and marigolds around Carex morrowii, a Japanese sedge.) This is not really much of an outing, but it is one of our traditions and because we did it together it definitely contributed to this being the Best. Summer. Ever.

The flower box in Spring, before the blues and yellows have started to cascade.

The flower box in spring, before the blues and yellows have started to cascade.

Millie watering her pot.

Millie watering her sanvitalia and verbenas.


1 Response to “Best. Summer. Ever. – Episode 4: Potting”

  1. 1 angela November 7, 2014 at 21:15

    I would say that it definitely contributes to the best.summer.ever., since I benefit every year from the beautiful flowers you plant for me on Mother’s Day, and I’m still enjoying them now, in November!

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