Best. Summer. Ever. – Episode 9: Seafair

We didn’t really DO Seafair, the week-long summer hootenanny that kicks off with the Seafair Pirates landing at Alki Point and ends with the Seafair Cup hydroplane races on Lake Washington. That is, we didn’t attend any particular event. But we went to the beach at Waverly Park on race day and met up with some members of the Very Special Family in our lives. It was the perfect early August day at the lake, and we could see the Blue Angels off to the south as they did their loops and rolls over the race track. Occasionally one would streak by close and we’d hear the tearing loud roar, and we could hear the dull rumbling as all the jets curved away together in the distance. We didn’t hear the “thunderboats”, which make almost no noise these days except for a jetsy turbine sound. When I was a kid, we could hear the boats doing time trials all week long from our house in the south Bellevue neighborhood of Enatai, even over the big ridge of our neighborhood with all its tall firs. That’s when they ran with Allison and Rolls Royce engines salvaged from World War II Allied fighter planes like the Warhawk, Mustang, Spitfire and Hurricane. Those boats made some noise. It was part of the excitement building up to the races. This was a sweet day even without the boat noise — the beachgoers registered plenty of happy decibels themselves splashing and hollering. Mara wore a life jacket and got to jump off the dock and paddle around in the deep water with the “big kids” in our VSF. Here, Millie goes for a wade with Grandpa Andy.

Stepping out.

Stepping out.


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