Best. Summer. Ever. – Episode 10: The other side

Note: Between the last episode and this one we visited Mount Rainier for the first time ever as a family, but that’s covered in its own post.

Some friends at our church, Jeff and Michele and their daughters Alli and Marissa, have a cabin at Fish Lake in the mountains on the other side of Stevens Pass. Once or twice a year for the past few years we have joined them there for a weekend of boating and swimming and cooking s’mores over bonfire embers, if it is summer, or sledding, tobogganing and other snow and ice play (including walking out on the frozen lake) if it is winter. Both of the princesses of that house, being older, have babysat for our girls, who adore them, and we’ve much enjoyed their society. They’ve also invited us to visit the cabin by ourselves on weekends when no one else has signed up for that date, and this summer we took them up on it. As a side adventure we drove from the cabin a score of miles or so to the alpine-style town of Leavenworth, where we tried to find a restaurant worth writing home about (those of you at home will notice you received no mail from us on this subject) and embarked on a rafting — or rather inner-tubing — trip down the Wenatchee River, which was loads of fun. On the way home, we pulled over on a whim to check out a waterfall and enjoy a lovely hike through tall firs at a place called Deception Creek between Scenic and Skykomish. We especially loved this part of our weekend because we had no idea the falls and trail existed until we stumbled upon them and the adventure we had there was completely unplanned. We had the time…we took the path.

The cabin at Fish Lake.

The Fish Lake redoubt. Here’s to friends with big hearts and a cool cabin.

They give you frisbees to steer with and they pick up what's left of you a couple miles downriver.

They give you frisbees to steer with and they pick up what’s left of you a couple miles downriver.

Deception Falls is literally right next to the freeway, even partially underneath it. But the loop trail takes you on a pleasant sylvan journey.

Deception Falls is literally right next to the freeway, even partially underneath it. But the loop trail takes you on a pleasant sylvan journey.


2 Responses to “Best. Summer. Ever. – Episode 10: The other side”

  1. 1 Cheryl Cunningham December 1, 2014 at 17:11

    Hi Matt – I’ve been enjoying your journey and realize I too would like to share my personal and original skewed version of life. I really began wanted to do this when you wanted to see my picture of the berries with snow on them. That was some time ago. And it’s just too dangerous in today’s world of technological invisible and unknown far reaching tentacles to take a risk. Wow – what a sentence and I wonder if it made any sense. That’s what happens when I try to ‘paint’ with words. I don’t talk like this, people would just look at me cross-eyed as they slowly slithered away. Anywhoooooo…. ~ I was hoping you could advise me on beginning the process of having a site. I don’t know where to start. My daughter is very savvy. But she has just moved out of the house, our relationship is sadly very poor, and she is unwilling to help. Me and my girl….. sad subject for another day.

    ~ If you want, to see what pictures I have shared (I work on not sharing everything), we could friend each other on facebook. I don’t know how you feel about facebook. My observation is that it’s either excessively, mindlessly additively adored or fiercely, fanatically hated. I’m pretty much so so. I take what’s good out of it. So if you want, I’m Cheryl Otto-Cunningham. Not much to look at. (there I go, worrying about judgment) Pics before bariatric surgery and post surgery pretty sweet. Made a huge (haha) difference. ~ But ultimately, I’d like my own spot. (I have a cat named Spot.) ~ I hope to hear from you sometime soon. Cheryl C

    • 2 Matt December 1, 2014 at 21:31

      Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for being supportive of my blog over the months, I’ve enjoyed your comments.Thanks also for inviting me to connect on Facebook to see your photos. I remember the blackberry post you mentioned and the photo you said you had. I’m not connecting on Facebook these days because I’ve abandoned my Facebook page. The time I was throwing down that hole I have reclaimed for reading and spending with my family. How about if you post a link to your blackberry photo in a comment on that post? Since I didn’t include a photo on that post, that would be a perfect addition. From what you described I’m sure it’s a great photo.

      Starting a blog is simple enough. The physics of it are not the hard part. At least on WordPress, it’s an easy process that they walk you through step by step. Just go to the WordPress page and sign up. You can’t miss it. Blogger, I assume, is equally intuitive. The hard part is knowing, and remembering over time, why you’re writing and who you’re doing it for, because it can take over your life and you can get awfully sick of it, and it may be that no one pays any attention, or they do for a while and then fall away, as is the case with my blog. My motives have been all over the map, and sometimes I despair that this huge body of words I’ve generated is worth very little in the scheme of things. But I have this dual goal: that my children will someday be able to know, if they care to, what their dad’s mind was like when it was sound. And that the writing be of high quality. The rest is pretty much vanity of one sort or another, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but we run the risk of thinking we’re more interesting than we are. I’d encourage you to ask what your goal would be in blogging.

      I’m sorry to hear of your estrangement from your daughter. I sincerely hope things get better between you with time.

      Good luck.


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