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Gold plus three for Bill and Barb

At least four things happened on this day in 1957. In Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, a Marmota monax named Phil saw his shadow at 7:47 a.m, correctly sensing an extension of wintry weather that year. Eleanor Roosevelt used her newspaper column “My Day” to admonish the instigators of what she called “unfortunate incidents” related to the fact that President Eisenhower had gone personally to meet King Saud of Saudi Arabia at National Airport in Washington. In men’s college hoops, the Sooners prevailed over the visiting Texas Longhorns on their home court at Norman, Oklahoma, 71 to 59.

And at Sudbrook Methodist in Pikesville, Maryland, outside of Baltimore, 27-year-old Willard from the neighboring town of Reisterstown and 21-year-old local girl Barbara plighted their troth and began a life journey together that continues, I’m happy to say, to this very day.

The way they were. Cutting handsome figures and cake on the Big Day.

The church Mom grew up in and got married in as it looks today. It has recently closed its doors due to decline in membership.

They moved to Bellevue, Washington, a couple of years later, where they raised three children: Jenifer, Matthew and Benjamin; two dogs: Vicky and Lassie; and a number of cats. Along the way they have been the friends of many and continue to be a blessing to me and my own nuclear family and my friends. Which reminds me that my mom made a pea soup so good that even Kip would eat it, even though he allowed no other pea soup to pass his lips.

The venerable pair a few years ago. Still speaking to each other, as it happens.

More about Mom and Dad later. For right now, happy 53rd anniversary to two wonderful people.



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